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The Marlow Amateur Operatic Society Members Handbook


The MAOS Members Handbook (1st October 2014) - Version 1




The Marlow Amateur Operatic Society (MAOS) began in 1956.




MAOS is a not for profit amateur musical society, which stages an energetic and diverse musical entertainment programme for the people of Marlow and surrounding areas. MAOS aim is to create, develop and nurture musical skills through the performance of productions.




MAOS aims to work with all members towards the achievement of an artistically exciting and financially sound organisation with an enthusiastic membership in a safe and healthy environment.


The MAOS committee commits to provide effective leadership through:


 Having a clear vision of the future of MAOS

 Sharing information

 Listening to the membership and encouraging feedback

 Raising the profile of the MAOS


Our members should always endeavour to


 Be flexible and responsive to the needs of the group

 Behave in a safe and responsible manner


Together we will:


 Build an environment of trust, respect and co-operation in a friendly and welcoming environment

 Enhance the audiences experience and the enjoyment of the members

 Regularly review the needs of the group

 Take pride in MAOS

 Have fun doing it!




MAOS are always looking to improve the way we communicate and currently use a variety of methods.  These include posters, email, intranet, websites and social networking sites.

All members are encouraged to contact the MAOS Committee members directly to raise concerns or suggest improvements regarding the shows, rehearsals or the direction of the society.  This can be done through the Facebook page, or via e-mail.  The committee members details can be found on the membership section of the website.




MAOS relies on a strong, happy and enthusiastic membership community that stands together as a team.  We also rely on new members to bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the group and to this end existing members are asked to encourage new members to join MAOS wherever possible.  MAOS attends several events throughout the year to encourage new members.




Membership fees are due annually on 31st January each year.   A sliding scale for new members joining later on in a season is available dependent on which quarter they join: £20.00




MAOS will reimburse members for allowable and reasonable expenditure made in conjunction with a production or other related activities. To help us keep accurate accounts and provide an audit trail you must ensure that:


 you record your expenses accurately using the official claim form available from the MAOS Treasurer, Chairman or Secretary and signed by them.

 you attach bills, receipts and VAT invoices to support the claim.

 prior to purchasing items over £50 authorisation must be sought from the budget holder.

 that best value options are investigated wherever possible.


Claims will be paid by either cheque or cash. To aid the processing of the claim where multiple items exist on a receipt (i.e. a supermarket receipt) please highlight the items being claimed for.





Members of MAOS and the public have the right to attend a rehearsal or performance that is safe, welcoming and free from any level of abuse.  Members of MAOS when attending a rehearsal or performance and behave with courtesy and respect.  MAOS has developed this policy so that our members clearly understand the behavioural standards expected of them at rehearsals or performances related activities in order for them and others to remain safe and enjoy the community that exists.


This policy applies to all members and anybody who comes into contact with our members:


 MAOS has a zero tolerance policy in relation to acts of mistreatment such as violence, discrimination (e.g. racial and/or sexual), bullying, harassment, abusive language and unnecessary aggression.

 MAOS members should not subject another person to this type of behaviour.

 MAOS members should not have to contend with this type of behaviour.




It is the policy of the MAOS to provide an environment which is free from tobacco smoke.  Smoking is illegal inside any part of the premises that we rehearse or perform in.

Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas of the building that we rehearsing or performing in.




MAOS policy is that the performance environment should be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.  This will help ensure the health and safety of its members and others with whom they come into contact.  For those reasons, the following rules apply:


No member shall:

 Undertake any role at the theatre when unfit due to alcohol, drugs or to substance abuse.

 Be in possession of illegal drugs at the theatre.

 Consume alcohol or illegal drugs, or abuse any substance whilst on duty during a performance

 No alcohol or drugs to be consumed backstage at any time.  .

 Where the formal event is followed by an opportunity for social drinking or, for example, a celebratory toasting the dressing room, such alcohol consumption should be in moderation. 


MAOS have a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs on the premises, any MAOS member or member of the public will be asked to leave the premises if drug taking is suspected.





Alcohol is not to be consumed onstage, either during a run or during rehearsals.  If a script calls for the use of alcohol it should be substituted with suitable non-alcoholic replacements.





The organisation aims to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of our members and the general public while at a rehearsal or performance and others that may be affected by our undertakings.


To ensure the principals of health and safety are clearly understood, MAOS will be committed to:


1) Protecting the safety and health of all members by preventing injury, ill health, disease and incidents;

2) Ensuring that members and their representatives are consulted and encouraged to participate actively in all elements of the occupational health and safety management.

3) Liaising and working with all necessary persons to ensure health and safety, and will also ensure that adequate arrangements are also in place for ensuring the health and safety of visitors.


We will take all reasonable steps to implement, monitor and maintain, equipment, working environment and working practices within our organisation.

We recognise that safety is the responsibility of everyone and is not just a function of the committee members. Members have specific responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and others that could be affected by their activities and co-operate to achieve the standards required.




MAOS are committed to equality and diversity. We will not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their age, race, sex, gender, sexuality or faith.



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